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Monday, October 19, 2020

Freedom Ticket 2.0 By Kevin King [2020]

 Freedom Ticket 2.0 By Kevin King [2020] 

Freedom Ticket 2.0 By Kevin King [2020]

Freedom Ticket 2.0 By Kevin King [2020] | 20.74 GB

Learn To Build An Amazon Business With Freedom Ticket

Who is Kevin King? What is the Freedom Ticket? 

For first time Amazon FBA sellers, those questions probably struck you. Because either you read it somewhere or a friend told you about him and his product. The Amazon FBA business is vast and may get lost to the ocean of information and process.

A lot of courses, both free and paid, are posted all over the internet. But Helium 10’s Freedom Ticket has stood out. 

Who is Kevin King?

Kevin King has mastered the art of selling online. He has been selling his products both on eBay and Amazon since 1995. That’s a whopping 25 solid years of experience in the eCommerce business. Because of that, he is considered as an Amazon Thought Leader and Helium 10 Mentor. He has visited over 90 countries to share his knowledge.

Founded five brands. Always asked to appear in several podcasts. So without a doubt, his vast experience in the eCommerce business is enough evidence that the Freedom Ticket is not just some marketing stuff snaring you to shed some money.

The Freedom Ticket is serious about teaching you to master the Amazon FBA business.

What is Helium 10's Freedom Ticket?

A Complete ‘A to Z’ Amazon Seller Education
The most detailed training course on how to sell on Amazon.
One of Most comprehensive Amazon FBA training on the Internet.
What you read above are the monickers from the Freedom Ticket itself.

Yes, it is a course for you to ace the Amazon FBA business. The course is a span of 8 weeks of training, with videos, review slides, written notes, and of course the fully featured Helium 10 software.

Kevin King specifically designed this course both for beginners and for those currently in the eCommerce business. It is named Freedom Ticket because it can be your ticket to financial freedom. Your ticket to leave your 9 – 5 desk job. But before you make any decision to buy the course. A smart buyer would want to know everything about what he is getting into.

So to help you decide if this will be your money’s worth. Let’s discuss, and explain the pros and cons of the Freedom Ticket. Then we would discuss its main features. So you can see where you stand between the course and your eCommerce business.

What You'll Learn With Freedom Ticket

8 weeks of thorough content cover everything from basic business requirements to scaling PPC campaigns

WEEK 1 - Introduction

Module 1 - Welcome to the Freedom Ticket Training

Module 2 - The Amazon Opportunity

Module 2.1 - Amazing Potential All Over Amazon

Module 2.2 - You Can Make HOW MUCH From Products Found in Five Minutes?

Module 3 - About this Course

WEEK 2 - Amazon & Business Basics

Module 4 - Basic Business Requirements

Module 4.1 - Moving Money Between Countries using Ping Pong

Module 5 - Ways to Sell on Amazon

Module 6 - Walk Through of Seller Central

Module 7 - Essential Amazon Glossary

Module 8 - How Much Money You Need

Module 9 - What To Expect When Your Start

WEEK 3 - Branding, Money & Millions

Module 10 - What Can a $5k Investment Selling On Amazon Do

Module 11 - Branding

Module 12 - Ladder of Loyalty

Module 13 - Cash Flow

Module 14 - Category Approval

Module 15 - Costs to Sell on Amazon

Module 16 - Quick Overview of Sponsored Ads

Module 17 - Cashflow

WEEK 4 - Picking a Successful Product

Module 18 - Introduction to Helium 10 Tools

Module 19 - Where to Find Product Ideas

Module 20 - How to Do Keyword Research & Pick Products

Module 20.1 - Product Evaluation Spreadsheet

Module 21 - Choosing a Product to Sell

Module 22 - The Freedom Ticket Product Test

Module 23 - Reviews and Competition Research

Module 24 - Using Blackbox to Find Products

Module 25 - The Chinese Way of Thinking

WEEK 5 - Suppliers, Orders & Shipping

Module 26 - Where to Source Products

Module 27 - Finding a Chinese Factory

Module 28 - How Not to Get Ripped Off

Module 29 - 12 Common Rookie Sourcing Mistakes

Module 30 - UPC and Packaging Primer

Module 31 - Package Inserts & Product Websites

Module 32 - How Much Should Your Order

Module 33 - The Purchase Order & Proforma Invoice

Module 33.1 - Create Legally Enforceable Purchase Order in China

Module 34 - Which Way to Ship

Module 35 - Shipping Terms & Problems

Module 36 - How to Create a Shipment in Seller Central

Module 37 - Verify Your Supplier is Giving You a Fair Price

Module 38.1 - Saving Money by Mastering 3 Shipping Terms

Module 38.2 - Shipment Modes - Why and When

Module 38.3 - Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight

Module 38.4 - 10 Rookie Mistakes you MUST Avoid

Module 38.5 - Packing your Products for International Shipping

Module 38.6 - SPD vs LTL - Types and Differences

WEEK 6 - How to Compete & Win Big

Module 39 - Brand Registry & Brand Gating

Module 39.1 - Trademarks and Patents

Module 40 - Tips to Being a Great Seller

Module 41 - Prohibited Activities

Module 42 - Sales Stopped Checklist

Module 43 - Key Ranking Factors on Amazon

Module 44 - Breakdown of a Product Listing

Module 45 - Using Competitor Reviews to Your Advantages

Module 46 - Basics of Getting Discovered on Amazon

Module 47 - Keys to Making Sales

Module 48 - All About the A9 Search Engine

WEEK 7 - How to Create High Converting Listings

Module 49 - Introduction to Product Listings

Module 50 - Writing a Killer Title

Module 51 - Writing Bullet Points & Descrions

Module 52 - Completing Backend Keywords

Module 53 - Creating Images that Convert

Module 53.1 - Testing & Producing Powerful Images

Module 54 - Creating Your Product Listing

WEEK 8 - Ranking, Advertising & Promotions

Module 55 - How to Set Up Promotional Discounts & Coupons

Module 56 - All about Brand Analytics

Module 57 - How to Set Up a Lighting Deal & Deals

Module 58 - Launch to Page 1

Module 59 - Amazon's Secret Sauce URL

Module 60 - Using Facebook Ads to Launch your Products

Module 61 Chatbots Basics for Launching

Module 62 - The Basics of Amazon PPC

Module 63 - How Much to Bid on PPC

Module 64 - Product Targeting PPC

Module 65 - Setting up your Initial PPC Campaigns

Module 66 - Wrapping It All Up

Premium Only Features : 

  • Easy download (Google Drive Single Secured Link) 
  • Ensure to get all files in the file list. Ensure to get all files in the file list.
  • Get a Free Update Course through your email. Get a free update course through your email. 
If you have enough money, please buy the course from the author to support them

reedom Ticket 2.0 By Kevin King [2020]


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