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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Geri Trader - FX Video Course

 Geri Trader - FX Video Course 

Geri Trader FX Video Course | 4.72 GB

My name is Geri, and I am a full-time professional trader.

I have been trading since 2013 in the Forex market and after the first 3 years of trying to progress, I finally found the way to become consistently profitable in this market. I have tried a lot of strategies in the past which most of them, of course, didn’t work until I tried to think outside the box, because we know only 1 to 5 % of retail traders can make it.

I will help you to really understand how to market works and learning how to trade based on volumes, following Banks and Institutions. Everything that you will learn will be filtered to what you really need, you will not trade based on candle formations but instead, I will teach you to trade in a more advanced way this way you will be able to anticipate the movements of the market, having a huge risk to reward, the only thing that will make the difference in the long term.

Trading this way will give you a lot of free time because you will not have to be in front of the charts all day long.

Trading has allowed me to fully enjoy my life, working all around the world, living in other countries, and discovering what’s outside the window. If you want to have that freedom don’t miss this chance.

Premium Only Features : 

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  • Get a Free Update Course through your email. Get a free update course through your email. 
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